Friday, May 08, 2009

A New Blog and A "New" Beer Place in Indiana,PA

Our good friend, homebrew club founder emeritus, and assistant brewer at Earth Bread + Brewery, Jon, has started a new blog: Proclamations of a Malt Lover.

And wonder of wonders, one of our existing bars here in Indiana has stepped up its game in the craft beer arena... Boomerangs (formerly Kangaroos to us older folks) has just this week installed a 20-tap system! Although it's not up to Pittsburgh/Philly beer bar quality, it's going to give The Coney and HB Culpepper's a run. In addition to several standard macros and macro imports, there is Hoegaarden, Brooklyn Brown Ale, RedHook CopperHook, Lagunitas IPA, Magic Hat #9, and Lindemans Framboise.

There's hope for this town yet!


Eli said...

Framboyzee in Indiana PA, I'll be damned.

Boomerangs said...

Hi Gents. Yes the 20 tap system is in and we are excited to offer different beers to suit everyones tastebuds. Come in and talk to us, we are always looking for inputs. Thanks for the write up, we appreciate it! Cheers.