Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Beer Hearing in Harrisburg

From WGAL.com - "The prospect of selling beer in grocery stores and convenience stores was the subject of a legislative hearing in Harrisburg today."

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Comments at the end are interesting, too. Apparently, PA is the 4th worst state for alcohol related deaths. Maybe if people didn't have to buy beer a case at a time? Or if everyone wasn't so hung up on alcohol like it was evil, rather than something to be enjoyed in moderation, responsibly?


Adam said...

Whoa now there Nate! You might be considered a heretic or something. Good thing that kinda thinking went out with the Salem Witch Trials...er..except in certain states that is.

So why is beer evil and governmental control good?

Eh...I think it has been happening since the middle ages. Seems that beer is very important and the lawmakers just can't pass it up as a way to make money.

You know I used to live in states where they...don't tell anyone...sell beer in........grocery stores. Man what a bunch a drunks. Everybody just walked around drunk all the time. At work, at church, at home, at baseball games, while driving and you guessed it they bought their beer at a grocery store. I'm tellin' you.

It's no where near what we experience in PA. Where they control it so well that only the people who drink one beer at a time live. No big beer drinkers here...no way. We PA'ers excercise the utmost constraint when purchasing 24 bottles at a time. We don't drink more than one because that just wouldn't be right. Honest.

Nate said...

Good comments! My nose hairs are scorched from the sarcasm :)

PA is going to get it's tax money no matter who sells it. It's those of us who enjoy beer as a food who get screwed, since we have to pay a higher price for smaller quantities. And I still haven't figured out if there's a mandate for upping the prices on smaller quants or not.

Example: the same people who own D's Six Pack in Pittsburgh own a beer distributor down the street (you could throw a rock). Yet the same beers they sell as singles are ridiculously expensive when compared to buying 24 of them. It's asinine.

Adam said...

Oops...I meant restraint, not constraint. :-/