Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Onorato Tax

I was watching the Pittsburgh news last night and of course one of the big stories was the start of the new 10% alcohol tax imposed on 'poured drinks' in Allegheny County. They had the manager of the Big Burrito Group on the report, showing that at all of their establishments, the tax on the bill was listed as the "Onorato Tax". Many bars in the area had signs outside telling customers to "Thank Dan for your higher drink prices".

The restaurant and bar association members tried to have a judge put a hold on the action last week, claiming it unfair because there are certain exemptions (like casinos for example) to those who can be taxed. The biggest exemption, of course, is the state run monopoly that is our liquor store system. Of course, for consumers, it's nice not to have to pay more when buying spirits, but the local pub or restaurant is getting hosed.

I think the whole mess sucks. Pennsylvania has probably the highest, if not THE highest, taxes on alcohol (including the 18% Johnstown Flood tax). Now, for those rare times when I actually get to enjoy a fine pint of Belgian or micro beer in Allegheny Co., I'm going to have to pay $0.40-$0.80 more. All to fund a mismanaged and corrupt Port Authority transit system, which I never use.

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