Saturday, January 05, 2008

A Head of Steam

I'm sipping a glass of Eli's steam beer (not the Imperial Steam, as he corrected yesterday). Steam beers, sometimes known as California Common beers, tend to be lagered, if I'm thinking straight - but I believe this batch is an ale. Correction thanks to cptvideo!: steam beers are fermented with lager yeasts at ale fermenting temperature. Thanks!

This has a nice aroma to it, with a bit of fruitiness to the hops and just a bit of DMS (nothing like last time!). Mild sweet malt and a bit of offness that's phenolic in character. Golden amber body, with mild haze, topped by a lasting, lacing, off-white creamy/foamy head. Medium body with medium carbonation. Starts with a nice rounded soft maltiness that is gets hit pretty quickly with grassy & rubbery (phenolic) hops. Mild bitterness to finish and a fairly clean after ... a bit sweet and not very much bitterness at all. I didn't find any weird aftertaste to this one, and think that the only detraction is that bit of phenolic character. Great second beer!


CptVideo! said...

Hi Nate,

Steam beer is not technically lagered -- it's "brewed with lager yeasts, but at ale fermentation temperatures."

I just ran across that a couple nights ago while flipping through my old copy of TNCJHB by Papazian :)

Eli said...

Thanks Nate!