Saturday, July 14, 2007

Jail & Sockeye

So after yesterday's lonnnggg journey, we decided to chill out in Boise for the day, do some laundry, etc. After a leisurely breakfast, we headed to the east side of Boise to visit the Old Idaho Penitentiary. Interesting, but also rather depressing.

Next, we had a late lunch at the Sockeye Brewery, a brewpub in west Boise. Here, we met up with a fellow RateBeerian BückDich (aka Jordan) for a few pints. He told us more about the area and we BS'd about, what else, beer. While there, I tried the Horse Thief Hefeweizen, the Dubbel Tail, some of the Dagger Falls IPA, and, for rating number 1800, the Galena Summit Kölsch Ale. Nothing fancy, I know, but it was a nice kölsch to be fair.

After lunch, Jordan had to be getting off to work (I'll now plug the Superb Sushi in downtown Boise). I gave Jordan the two Penn Brews I carried from D's 6 Pack, and he presented me with a bomber of Full Sail Black Gold Barrel Aged Impy Stout. I would have much rather been able to get him some East End Smokestack, but it wasn't out the last time I was there.

After a few errands, we headed back to my brother's place to relax. We had a late dinner again, steak and lobster tails, and played cards. During the course of the evening, I tried North Coast Pranqster, La Trappe Tripel, New Belgium Skinny Dip, and Deschutes 19th Anniversary Golden Ale.

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