Sunday, July 08, 2007

Franziskaner Clone Revisited

This past Tuesday (July 3), I hosted a brew party with a former student and his friends who were interested in homebrewing extract batches. As they had tried the Franziskaner clone I made back in January and liked hefeweizen, they decided to go for this one as their first attempt. I followed the same recipe as before, with the exception of using the Weihenstephan yeast strain, rather than the Bavarian wheat strain.

We started around 4pm and I let them do most of the brewing work. We were finished around 7pm with the brewing. I let the wort chill just a bit longer while I grilled hot dogs and we played cornhole (like horseshoes, except with bean bags) in the back yard. Over dinner, we enjoyed some Troegs Dream Weaver Wheat and a growler of Marzoni's Avalanche IPA.

As of today, the primary was still bubbling a bit. I'll rack to secondary tomorrow or Tuesday and bottle it up in a few weeks. I'll keep a six pack as a "brewing fee", but the rest will be enjoyed by (hopefully) some new homebrewing fanatics.

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Adam said...

This is what homebrewing is all about :-)