Friday, April 27, 2007

I've Just About Given Up on Ironwood

So my wife and I wanted to go grab a pint tonight and she suggested going to the outdoor porch/bar of the Ironwood Grill. We arrived at 6:30 or so and asked to be seated outside. Well, as we were escorted to the outdoor bar/seating area, we were met by two unsavory elements: (1) a ton of cigarette smoke wafting out from the second floor bar area (newly renovated and now joined to the outside by an open bar area); and (2) music so loud that we would have to almost shout at each other over drinks. This is outside, mind you.

I have to say, this is not our speed. The indoor dining area seems to be fine - nonsmoking, relatively quiet. But if you just want to go sit outside or enjoy a beer at the bar - be prepared to get smoked out and blasted by music.

We left without even sitting down. After a side trip to Lowe's, we ended up back at the Coney for a nice meal and good draughts. Sorry Ironwood, I'll keep checking you out for the occasional sixer and bomber of Old Guardian, but you can count me out for a pint at the bar or overpriced dinners. I want to taste and enjoy a good beer, not snort a shit load of second hand smoke.


Eli said...

Well, you did go on dollar Yuengling night...

Adam said...

Seems to be rampant. Smoking is just so...well...annoying when you want to enjoy a beer and some food. I'm sure you saw my rant over at TBL.