Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Franziskaner Clone Bottled

Tonight, with the help of the "Brew Crew", I bottled my Franziskaner Hefeweizen clone that I'm making (in part) as a birthday gift for my father-in-law.

Final gravity was 1.012, right on target (down from 1.052). Aroma was heavily laced with banana and a bit of spicy cloves. Tasted pretty darn good, too. Should be carbonated in about two weeks.

While bottling, we had a few beers. Jon brought over a 750-mL Fantôme de Noël, which was very nice. He got that at D's Six-Pack in Edgewood.

Then we tried a sample of the Chimay Bleu clone I made in November - tasted pretty good, but it's still going to need to chill out for a while before it's really tasty. Still a bit harsh.

Finally, we split a bomber of Stone Imperial Russian Stout (2006 version) that I picked up a few weeks ago at the Ironwood Grill. Just as good as I remember. During bottling and drinking, we also decided the game plan for the next beer club meeting on Mar. 6. Details will be on the club blog soon.

Next up: Ommegang Hennepin clone!


grove said...

Great! I'm planning on doing my own Hennepin clone sometime within the next two months. Looking forward seeing what recipe you've decided on. :)

It sounds like you weissbier was successful... My own experience has shown that I've been much more successful when making extract only weissbiers(!). But I'll never give up perfecting the all-grain version.

Eli said...

Thanks for the lesson last night, Nate. I'm already looking forward to the next time.

Adam said...

Now that is what I call a get together :-)

Anonymous said...

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