Saturday, January 20, 2007

The Obligatory First Post

I created this blog in April 2006, but haven't used it. Now that a few of us in town (Indiana, PA) are trying to start up a craft beer club, and now that I am back into homebrewing, I will make more of an effort to post things regarding these topics. I might also include topics relevant to the goings-on in town.

More to come soon, I hope.


Adam said...

Hey Nate!

Good to see things are gearing up in Indiana, PA :-)

One of these days I'll be our your way. We should get together. Maybe I can bring some beer from our neck of the woods.

Adam said...

Oh yeah, what's this about a craft beer club? Is Eli part of it too?

Nate said...

Adam: A few of us here (including Eli) got together the first week of January and had the first meeting. It was basically four of us sitting in a living room tasting different beers each of us supplied (Chimay Red, Stone 10th Anniversary, Allagash Grand Cru, Red Star Sully Bock). We plan to meet once a month and slowly build 'membership' by word of mouth. If enough people get interested, we'll probably have to start having it at a bar uptown. Mainly, we hope to get enough people thinking about good beer to encourage local publicans to start improving their tap lists. Right now, as a college town, the selection is pretty limited. A few places have dipped their toes, so to speak, but we're a long way off from having a pub like Zenos, for example.

Adam said...

Sounds like a plan. Good luck! Is Culpeppers (sp?) still around? If so, what do they serve?

Nate said...

They're still there. Exotic beers such as Blue Moon, Guinness, and Bass are served. I put together a brief synopsis of town at this page.