Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Brunzies - A Recent Addition to Indiana's Beer Scene

Last summer, I wrote up a blurb about beer places in Indiana. Last Fall, we got a new player in town: Brunzies.

Brunzies is located next to Subs & Suds, on the corner of 5th and Philadelphia Sts. Though it has a 5th St. entrance, it is closed during winter to avoid freezing everyone at the bar, so enter via Subs & Suds.  Chris Bruns is responsible for Brunzies (his family also runs Subs & Suds and Benjamin's next door).  They're open from 4p-2a daily, and 3p-2a on Fridays.  (not much web presence yet, so no links).

The food menu is a one-pager, simple yet easy to find something of interest. Subs, apps, pizzas, and salads. Good quality and value.  The beer selection is terrific - 20 taps, most of which are dedicated to craft, and a nice bottle selection in addition to a full bar.  The taps are glycol chilled and have short lines; a lot of the craft beers (many are hard to find elsewhere in the area or are one-offs) only comes in quarter kegs, so the turnaround is good and the beer is fresh.  Half-off draughts during 9-11 happy hour.

Brunzies is a little hard to peg ... it's not quite a sports bar, though there are big screens throughout playing games; it's not quite a townie bar or college bar or yuppie ha, though you'll find both demographics present; and it's not a gastropub, though the food is solid and the beers are eclectic.  We've been several times for Friday dinner - by 6pm, there are no seats left in the place (at the bar, tables, or booths).  Patrons range from families with small kids to octogenarians and everything in between

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