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Beers #136-151: A Week at the Beach

In June, we drove down to Hilton Head, SC for a week's vacation. We've been going on and off since '94, and the beer scene has definitely improved over the years. Up until a few years ago, I usually took stuff with me or ended up just drinking a few SC brews or national brands.  For several trips down, we'd stop in Asheville, NC for a night or two, and I'd grab a case of mixed beers from a couple of the great beers stores there, like Bruisin' Ales.

Luckily, there are now a few places on Hilton Head to find great beer selections, such as Growlers Craft Beer & Ales (link not included because it's recently been attacked with malware).  And, of course, HHI has had a brewpub for years. The food is good, but the beer has been hit and miss. One year we visited and they had ONE beer on tap. During this year's visit, they had five. Meh.  So during this trip, I tried several new beers ...

#136/365: Westbrook White Thai:
From can at Steamers. Coriander and spice, wheat and some clover. Medium golden hazy with thin white lacing head. Medium body with medium-high carbonation. Starts sweet and wheaty, light bubblegum and coriander, lemongrass and ginger. Finish is mild bitter with lingering spicy after.  Belgian White (Witbier)  70/100

#137/365: Dieu du Ciel Corne du Diable:
From bottle at Steamers. Really sweet nose, caramel. Big hops, fruity character. Malty and sweet. Deep dark amber, murky with thin off-white lacing head. Medium-heavy body with medium-high carbonation. Starts and stays sweet with tons of roasted grain, caramel and toffee. Mild bitter hop finish. Mainly toffee sweet with lingering nutty bitter after.  India Pale Ale  80/100

 #138/365: Evil Twin/Stillwater/Stone The Perfect Crime Black Smoked Saison:
From bottle. Light chocolate malt. Smoky notes and light acidity, hint of wheat. Dark brown clear with thin light tan lacing head. Medium body and medium carbonation. Starts medium sweet and roast, bitter chocolate, coffee, and smoke. Light carbonic tang. Light smoky flavor, not overbearing.  Saison  76/100

#139/365: BottleTree Belgian Blonde:
From bottle. Huge white head on pouring. Light mild sweetness, not quite corn or vegetal, but not favorable. Light fruity hop component and carbonic gaseousness. Clear golden with visible carbonation and hug white rocky-foamy lacing head. Medium body with vigorous carbonation. Starts sweet with pilsner malt, honey, and a hint of corn. Mild alcohol sweetness. Medium carbonic acidity with light bitter hop finish. Some bitter chalky after and lingering sweetness. Reminds me of certain European supermarket beers or a European strong lager in many ways. Belgian Ale   46/100 

 #140/365: Thomas Creek Appalachian Amber Ale:
From bottle. Nice roasted malt and caramel sweetness. Twizzlers. Has a nice dunker Bock nose. Dark amber-brown clear with thin off-white lacing head. Medium body with medium carbonation. Starts sweet with Twizzlers, caramel, roasted malt, and nutty character. Medium hop bitter finish with lingering sweet nutty after.  Amber Ale  68/100

#141/365: Thomas Creek Up the Creek Extreme IPA:
From bottle. Mild fruity-floral hops with a bit of resin. Caramel and Twizzlers. Dark coppery amber clear with thin light amber head. Medium body with heavy carbonation and alcohol warming. Starts and stays sweet, more like a barley wine than an IIPA. Malty, rich, with nice bittering. Smooth bitter finish, rich and malty. Sweet lingering after.  Imperial/Double IPA  72/100

#142/365: Highland Devil's Britches IPA:
From bottle. Mild hop nose with light orange aroma, a bit spicy with a little rye. Dark amber clear with frothy-foamy white lacing head. Medium body with medium-high carbonation. Starts a little malty with carbonic bite and lots of hop bitterness. A bit musky with dry nutty bitter after and light oxidation.  India Pale Ale  62/100

#143/365: BottleTree Imperial Red Ale:
From bottle. Chocolate, some Twizzlers, musty and grainy with light metallic nose. Roasted barley. Dark coppery amber clear with light amber lacing head. Medium body with medium-high carbonation. Starts a little sweet and bitter with caramel, roasted barley, and mild hops. Medium grainy and lingering bitter finish. Mild sweet nutty after and lingering bitterness.  American Strong Ale  56/100

#144/365: New South White Ale:
From can. Weak wheat-sulfur aroma. Bit of coriander and staleness. Clear dull golden with light haze and thin white head. Light body with medium carbonation. Starts dull and sweet with light wheat, some coriander and lemon. Finish is weak with no residual bitterness or sweetness. OK for a cold chug but not really a good wit.  Belgian White (Witbier)  30/100

#145/365: Lazy Magnolia Reb Ale:
From bottle, as Deep South Pale Ale. Decent hoppy aroma with a little skunk and caramel. Rich amber clear with off-white foamy lacing head. Medium body with medium carbonation. Starts dry with medium hop bitterness, grainy malt notes and an astringent oxidized bitter quality. Light bit of soap. Finish is medium bitter with lasting astringent bitter after.  American Pale Ale  48/100

#146/365: Westbrook Mexican Cake 1st Anniversary Imperial Stout:
On tap at The Lodge. Nice rich chocolate and coffee nose. Toffee, nutty, with some molasses, mild vanilla, and sugar. Dark black opaque with thin lacing brown head. Thick body with medium carbonation. Starts sweet, malty with lots of cocoa, coffee, molasses, and vanilla. Bitter finish with warming. Nice sweet lingering after with mild bitterness.  Imperial Stout  78/100

#147/365: River Dog IPA:
On tap at The Lodge. Really great hoppy nose. Fresh, fruity, floral and resinous. Mild malt sweetness. Medium amber clear with light foamy lacing head. Medium body with medium carbonation. Starts with juicy fresh hops and pale malt sweetness. Apricot and a little BandAid. A bit salty. Smooth finish with good hop flavor but no harsh residual bitterness. Nice IPA.  India Pale Ale  74/100

#148/365: R.J. Rockers Bald Eagle Brown:
From bottle. Musky grain, damp aroma. Raw, like a homebrew. A little funky with roasted barley. Carbonic gaseousness. Root beer brown clear with huge rocky-foamy tan lacing head. Medium body with vigorous carbonation (over carbed). Medium malt sweetness with caramel and biscuit. Big carbonic tang and fizzy burn. Neutral brown ale flavor with light tang in the finish and nutty smooth after.  Brown Ale  42/100

#149/365: Westbrook Second Anniversary Cap'n Skoon's Ballistic Stout:
From bomber. Really nice nose. Chocolate, vanilla, oak, smoke, coffee, Twizzlers, molasses. Dark black opaque with thin tan head. Oily body with medium carbonation and warming. Starts and stays sweet with roasted barley, coffee, vanilla, and oak. Alcohol. Big bitter finish with lots of roasted and toasted notes. Big sweet after with smoke and tang.  Baltic Porter  88/100

#150/365: R.J. Rockers Honey Amber Ale:
From bottle. So much CO2 that first sniff in the glass almost makes you asphyxiate. Carbonic gaseousness, neutral fruit and light musty grain. Orange amber clear with off-white lacing head. Medium body with heavy carbonation. Medium sweet start with raw grain, honey. Carbonic bite. Dull sweet finish with mild bitter character. Wet fur after, watery sweetness. Amber Ale  40/100

#151/365: Sweetwater LowRYEder:
From bottle. Medium fruity hop aroma and a little spicy rye character. Medium golden amber clear with mild haze, topped with rocky-foamy white lacing head. Medium body with medium carbonation. Solid IPA, mild malt sweetness with a light rye spicy note. Good fruity hop flavor with medium bitter finish and lingering bitter after.  Specialty Grain  74/100

 Up next ... Downtown Indiana Oktoberfest

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