Saturday, February 02, 2008

Happy Groundhog Day

So ... Phil predicts six more weeks of winter. No surprise there, I guess. One of these years, I'll make the trek to Punxsy (especially now that it's only 30 miles away) and join the melee. But standing in a cold field with 30,000 people doesn't seem to be that appealing.

However, one of my cousins is a co-handler (at right in the picture here, that I stole from the Post-Gazette website), and he and the family up there make the yearly invite to come join. Maybe next year...

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Anonymous said...

I love groundhog day. As a Harley biker, I call this day the true first day of spring! It brings tears to my eyes when I hear the selected individual singing the Star Spangled Banner just before they bring Phil out. The event is even cooler now that I can watch the whole thing live on PCN. It used to be you couldn't find anything but a few moments worth of video on the local stations. This year in the audience was this dude wearing a groundhog suit, how cool was that! Let's elect Phil for President! ~Dennis Cheapdark