Thursday, October 04, 2007

East End Brewing Article

Here's an interview I did with Scott Smith of East End Brewing in Pittsburgh.

This link goes to the article on


Adam said...

Great job! :-)

Eli said...

Nice article, Nate.

Loren said...

Awesome stuff. Really captures Scott's sense of humor and 100% full-throttle, passionate attitude.

Great guy, great brewer. Glad I got the lone chance to visit and chat with him before the in-laws moved back to CT.


Nate said...

Thanks, all.

Loren! Long time no hear from. Hope all is well your way, though it sounds like you'll have no motivation to come down our way from this point onward?

Loren said...

Maybe once the boys are in college and my Nate is a star linebacker at Pitt U!

Sadly...unless we do a family trip out that way I probably won't see the light of East End's brewery again.